Frequently asked questions about the vShare on iOS

There sre few issues raised by the people who use the vShare on iOS. While working on the vShare app you might face some troubles, it is like the app might not be working or get stuck. So for these problems, we have made a page called Troubleshooting. So this page will resolve all the problems you have.

And the other question is how to fix the white screen issue on the vShare. There are white screen problems without anything. These are the troubleshooting steps. First you must go to the settings. Click on the Safari and clear the website data. Open the vShare and try again.

Install lots of games, themes, apps, ringtones and more. Many unofficial apps and games are selected through this app. The vShare app helps to back up your files. Supports to transfer music straight to the Music App of the device. More than these features there are many things.

More About vShare For IOS

Although you know about the vShare app, still you do not know how to install the vShare app to your device. Well, let’s see how to do it. The vShare app does not affect your device. You do not have to root your device to get the vShare installed. Very famous apps like the Showbox, Kodi, Mediabox, Playbox HD. Other than that you are able to download plenty of games such as Mini Militia, Minecraft, Pokeman etc. when they are downloaded from the vShare , it is completely free from virus and malware.

The chance in here is, that there are paid apps, but you can get them for free and see the welfares it offers you. At the same time, it might look unethical. However, we do not inspire or promote such an act. On the other hand, you can enjoy a lot while using the app gratefully. This is a helpful app, which is highly recommended for all the devices. You will not find any other app that is similar to this


Are the games and apps downloaded through the vShare not working? There is a solution for that. So for that, you have to download the vShare Helper and connect the iPhone and go to the vshare tools from the menu. Through the vShare Helper we are able to use the reauthorization feature to fix bugs of the Apple ID requirements and the App Flashbacks. Click and wait till vShare finishes the work.